BOULEVARD! A HOLLYWOOD FACTS (business Premiere) directed by Jeffrey Schwarz Outfest alum Jeffrey Schwarza€™s perfect true facts

AMAZINGLY DIARIES directed by Enyce Smith and Gina mutton &GEMMEL AND TIM (industry premier) directed by Michiel Thomas Two varying but complementary movies study the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Michael Dean at the western Hollywood house of entrepreneur and political donor Ed Buck.

ANYTHING AT ONCE guided by Alberto Fuguet Erotic professional photographers Paco and Manolo, multiple thirty age, display their own procedure for which their own male issues bare all and launch their own inhibitions for his or her camera.

INVISIBLE guided by T.J. Parsell Lesbian nation music songwriters talk about just what ita€™s started like to write a few of nation musica€™s best hits, but still being unable to getting who they really are and called queer women.

**including live performance by Mary Gauthier, Jess Leary, Dianne Davidson also people in the cast.

GIRL BUDS directed by Chris J. Russo Sneak Preview Screening Six plucky ladies change the cannabis industry into a residential area, following its legalization in Ca in 2016, and turn modern pioneers on the way.

MY NAME IS PAULI MURRAY directed by Betsy West and Julie Cohen Pauli Murraya€™s numerous success and problems become spelled call at this deep diving into probably the most important lawyers, activists, and clergypeople in present record.

NO STRAIGHT TRACES: AN UPSWING OF QUEER COMICS guided by Vivian Kleiman NO DIRECTLY CONTOURS highlights the jobs of 5 groundbreaking queer comic performers and the substantial ripple their particular effects built in the city, their background, and its particular potential future.

NORTH BY CURRENT by Angelo Madsen Minax Filmmaker Angelo Madsen Minax confronts families trauma after the unforeseen loss of their relative contained in this transferring personal article.

RAW! UNCUT! MOVIE! directed by Alex Clausen and Ryan A. White Chronicling the legacy of gay sex sites business Palm Drive Video, this provocative documentary celebrates the hardcore, blue-collar fetish and kink movies released in reaction to the surging HELPS crisis.

SEDIMENTS (intercontinental Premiere) by AdriA?n Silvestre Six trans ladies in LeA?n for week-end explore the area, themselves, and every additional, exposing level after level of earthen fullness.


CLOTHES UNSTOPPABLE guided by Bo McGuire Platinum Centerpiece past household injuries are exposed given that filmmakera€™s as soon as cherished aunt, today a spiritual homophobe, efforts to shed completely the woman gay, drag-queen uncle from the parents.

Would include a pre-show pull performance emceed by manager Bo McGuire

PASSING AND BOWLING (World premier) guided by Lyle Kash In a meta-critique on trans representation, a transgender star struggles as to what it means to be noticed after the cherished master of their lesbian bowling league dies and a mysterious complete stranger appears on funeral.

REBEL DYKES guided by Harri Shanahan and SiA?n A. Williams A sexy, gritty, ride through dyke area of late 1980s London with a rebel musical organization of outcast girls depicted through cartoon, archival video footage, and interviews.

WEa€™RE ALL GOING TO THE WORLDa€™S REASONABLE guided by Jane Schoenbrun. By yourself inside her loft bed room, teenager Casey gets absorbed in an internet role-playing horror game, whereby she starts to document the changes which will or may not be occurring to the lady.


EXORCISMS AND VARIOUS OTHER SUPPLICATIONS guided by Georden West When an exorcism brings a young person face-to-face with a shade home, reality explodes in a clean white ce Corbusier utopia in a research from the paradoxes of religion as their spirit hangs in balances.

DWARF PLANET guided by Adrian Chiarella The dark colored story of a lonely, shameful teen along with his experience with a male gender individual on a brisk day in suburban Sydney.

HYENA guided by Zinzi LeMond This hot horror-filled music video is actually a dark discourse on modernity therefore the wreckage of an empire in free of charge trip.

BODIES OF WANT guided by Varsha Panikar and Saad Nawab A gorgeously sexy party of universal fancy and desire that captures four units of fans amid warmth; creating a portrait of tender closeness, wishing, breakthrough, want, and powerful company.

THE TOP WITH A TRACE directed by JB Ghuman A mixed-media animated movie in line with the real-world gender morphing Pink Skunk seafood. The story is actually brought by a male seafood (Paul Reubens / Pee early Herman) whom transforms during movie & finds out from their mommy (Geri Halliwell / Ginger Spice) the logic of a shared world when confronted with a bully shark (Tatum Oa€™Neal / Oscar champ).

people OF MY DESIRES guided by Tristan Scott-Behrends Two gorgeous magnetic male devotee traipse around the streets of NYC enmeshed in a dreamy relationship.

NSFW (ANGRY YELLOWISH MEAT) guided by Woohee Cho a couple of years worth of dick pictures provided for the filmmaker without permission or talk were animated into this innovative and amusing music video permitting the filmmaker to dicuss their facts about these deliveries to his email.

CHILDHOODS guided by Aaron Biscombe a homosexual, second generation Afro-Caribbean immigrant was forced to reevaluate his worldview when he comes back towards Netherlands to reconnect with his earlier brother.

F1-100 directed by Emory Chao Johnson cartoon, archival video footage and videos were interwoven in this transnational meditation through some time space of a global art student carrying a heavy burden regarding gender transformation and residence.

REBEL guided by Jose Alfredo and Coker Jones Garcia a Los Angeles teen tries to discover their set in the world in which he splits his time passed between the machismo centric group lifetime of their community with his need to use womena€™s clothing and embrace his non-binary identification.

MONSTER FEMALE guided by Jake Mcclellan and Eric Griffin a cell phone intercourse line host, has a breakthrough during a failure as she moves through tv while telling this lady story. Name 1-888-5-BLUE-YOUa€¦ she’s going to really pick up, severely.

GO OUT GROOVE directed by Paige Henderson After a mysterious record-player countries outside this lady residence, a disillusioned artist trips through this lady tumultuous break up, guided by this lady ex-girlfriend.

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