Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak along with his group of festival sideshows

Dewey Wilkerson


Birthday Celebration


Family Members & Buddies


  • Hal Wilkerson (daddy)
  • Lois Wilkerson (mommy)


  • Francis (oldest uncle)
  • Reese (older uncle)
  • Malcolm (older sibling)
  • Jamie (younger uncle)
  • Unborn sibling


  • Chad
  • Hanson
  • Zoe Desenea
  • Egg
  • Gorak and his awesome band of festival sideshows
  • Craig Feldspar

Generation Information

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Dewey Wilkerson could be the tritagonist in the show. Created July 12, 1993 (depicted by Erik Per Sullivan) is the fourth and youngest daughter of Lois and Hal during the first four periods till the delivery of Jamie.


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  • 3 Relations
    • 3.1 Reese Wilkerson
    • 3.2 Malcolm Wilkerson
    • 3.3 Francis Wilkerson
    • 3.4 Jamie Wilkerson
    • 3.5 Lois Wilkerson
    • 3.6 Hal Wilkerson
    • 3.7 Friends
  • 4 Trivia

Biography [ revise | modify supply ]

The eccentric youngsters, Dewey is recognized for his quirky behavior and somewhat manipulative approaches (e.g, Dewey often sticks factors into his ears) first time we come across him he’s 6 yrs . old however in concerts finale he’s 12, Dewey will be the ‘baby’ associated with the parents for almost all associated with the series, becoming a mature buddy when Jamie exists into the finale of period four. He could be a lot more wonderfully inclined than his brothers, playing keyboard and composing opera music in subsequent symptoms. In the first month, he was in the first level.

Despite getting the youngest of this Wilkerson brothers in the beginning of the show along with contrast towards whining of his elderly brothers (especially Malcolm) Dewey provides the worst lifetime of them all. He has practiced a life of comprehensive neglect and starvation from delight. His mothers getting very centered on dealing with his harmful earlier brothers and doing sexual activity have actually dismissed him from the time he had been born, creating n’t have even taken photographs of him in his infancy and youth and never also giving him vaccinations and commonly miss occasions with him at center. Their older brothers do-nothing but result in the circumstance worse and so they as well disregard your and literally and emotionally bully him at each feasible possibility. Dewey sums upwards their lifetime within the event “infant: component 1”, exposing he gets the brief conclusion of all things and contains never ever actually skilled standard joys of lifestyle for example a bed to himself, a hot shower and even his personal clothes. Also his birthdays commonly spared from the misuse and overlook of his family members as their mothers either entirely ignore it and his awesome brothers defeat him through to they. Therefore Dewey has continued to develop a hatred for most their nearest and dearest, notably Reese and is also shown to grab sincere delight in whatever misery he is able to myself bring onto all of them.

In prior seasons, while a child, Dewey got demonstrated to posses an extremely bad realize of reality. Usually from his perspective he asks Lois and Hal for things, during fact he could be throwing a horrendous fit. The guy additionally thought characters on TV had been actually talking to him. Even their memories and fantasies stray from reality while the present condition considerably.

Dewey can also be unveiled become about since smart as Malcolm, nonetheless Dewey’s cleverness is actually geared much more towards innovative pursuits, the highest of which try tunes that he shown by instructing himself to play the piano skillfully in addition to creating a complete opera. When he took an intelligence test, Malcolm planned to help save him from getting put in the gifted class thus completed the test to manufacture Dewey looks foolish. however the guy moved too far, and Dewey is set in a course for disrupted toddlers known as the “Buseys”. Although at first resentful, Dewey discovered the Buseys are overlooked of the class and got cost of these (as their correct instructor typically slept during course). Even though the blunder got easily discovered and the school had been prepared to push him on conventional class, Dewey decided not to abandon the Buseys and put a massive temperament tantrum.

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